Thuoc Amoxicillin Cho Tre Em

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About Amoxicillin (Antibiotics) Thuoc Amoxicillin Cho Tre Em -


For over 12 years Amoxicillin (Antibiotics) Thuoc Amoxicillin Cho Tre Em - has been providing quality computers and repairs to Northern Nevada. All of our computers are donated from the community. Whatever we can use is rebuilt and sold back to the public, anything that is no longer serviceable is recycled. We are open Monday through Saturday 9am-5pm.

Sales and Events

  • Amoxicillin (Antibiotics) Thuoc Amoxicillin Cho Tre Em - would like to thank everyone for their support during 2012. Thanks to you we were able to provide more than 300 computers to individuals with disabilities.

  • In order to cover our costs for recycling CRT monitors we will again be asking for a $5.00 donation per monitor.

  • Amoxicillin (Antibiotics) Thuoc Amoxicillin Cho Tre Em - is proud to introduce our all new Kids CompCamp, for more information please click on the Kids CompCamp link on the left side of the webpage.

In 2013, New2U Computers:

  • Collected over 100,000 pounds of e-waste donated from the community and through our annual e-waste recycling event.
  • Amoxicillin (Antibiotics) Thuoc Amoxicillin Cho Tre Em - has collected over 1,200,000 pounds of e-waste that has either been repurposed or recycled green.
  • Gave over 350 computers to people with disabilities as part of one of our many programs designed to assist the disabled.
  • Refurbished over 1200 computers back to the public through our retail store that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill.
  • Providing comprehensive technical training program in computer repairs and service to dislocated workers.